Joseli increasingly intends to have a socially responsible performance and operate from an ecological and sustainable point of view, enriching the organization and the market. Based on sustainable growth, it explores the planet’s resources in a thoughtful and careful way, and for that, it takes advantage of one of the natural resources, the sun.

Faced with the need to obtain “clean” and renewable energy sources for incorporation in the production of footwear, it entered into a partnership with Luz Verde in the installation of 280 kWp of photovoltaic production, providing the production of 444 kWh per year of renewable energy.

With the contribution of reducing energy consumption by 70% from other sources, Joseli manages to contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of the footwear sector, having a residual percentage of energy supplied from the national public network.

With this solution, Joseli, throughout the year, produces GOD’S MOVE footwear entirely with renewable energy.

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